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Fire Chief Says Ministry of Health Made an Error in Vaccinations Numbers for the Fire Service

A discrepancy has been noted on the vaccination infographic presented on Tuesday, October 19 as it relates to the National Fire Service. Our newsroom has been looking into the rates presented by the government and upon querying the low percentage for the National Fire Service we reached out to the Fire Chief, Colin Gillett who says the data of 28.4 percent is widely inaccurate. He added that almost every employee in the Fire Department has received at least the first dose.

Collin Gillett, Fire Chief, National Fire Service: “Maybe they haven’t updated their numbers but since the government implemented the thing on October that you have to be vaccinated at least the first shot to come to work our numbers I think right now we only have maybe five or seven people, firefighters, who have not received at least one dose. So the numbers that we have recorded are a lot more than twenty six or whatever those low numbers are.”

Reporter: Those five persons are out of how many firefighters ?

Collin Gillett, Fire Chief, National Fire Service: “Out of a hundred and forty I’d like to say so you do the math the percentage is a lot higher. Some of those persons as well there’s some people who are not at work they’re on vacation, long leave so if you factor in all of those other issues or factors then you’d know that the percentage is a lot higher. Like I said maybe they haven’t updated their numbers but we have more or less 90% of all our firefighters who have gotten at least the first dose and more than that who have been fully vaccinated.”