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Fire Consumes Furniture Workshop

A Sunday morning fire destroyed a building in San Ignacio.  Love News spoke with officer in charg of San Ignacio formation, Suprintendent Andrew Ramirez.

Andrew RamirezCAYO FIRE

“At about 8:55am on Sunday, November 15, 2015, responding to information received of a house fire on Coral Street here in San Ignacio Town, the Police and Fire Department visited the area where they saw a 70 X 70 zinc structure that was used as a cabinet workshop engulfed in flames. The Fire Department did its best to oust the flames which came under control some minutes after. The building is the property of one Mr. Julio Cubillas, a 56-year-old, Belizean businessman. At the time of the fire it was made to be understood that it had contained lumber and cabinet making machinery and was not insured. No one was inside the building, however, the building was completely destroyed by fire. The value of the items inside that structure has not yet been ascertained by the police.”

According to the owner of the building, he suffered about two hundred and fifty thousand dollars in losses.Cayo Fire 2