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Fire destroys home in Hopkins Village

Harry Arzu reporting…

The lower flat of the inside and contents of a two story concrete building located on the Southside of Hopkins Village were destroyed by fire last Saturday night. Love News spoke with the owner of the house, Joy Nunez and a witness Francis Flores who was at the scene.

 Joy Nunez – Hoeowner

At 11:10 I smelled a strong fume smell from downstairs through this window after I laid down for about five minutes I heard some popping sounds then I shouted for my nephew in the next room. So I jumped out of the bed. When I pushed the door wider the house was already in smoke so I ran downstairs and I opened the main door down here and when I got here the smoke was already coming out. I shouted for them so he grabbed her and they ran downstairs. When I got here I screamed that my house was on fire but my mind told me to get the phone and call the fire department and I ran upstairs and I grabbed the phone again. When I was coming down I remembered my passport but some people were already in the yard telling me not to go back so I came down.”

 Harry Arzu, Love FM News

“What was downstairs used for?

Joy Nunez

It was  restaurant.”

 Harry Arzu, Love FM News

“What do you think caused the fire?

Joy Nunez

I know it’s a restaurant and I was thinking about smelling food from down here and something like food as if they were cooking but this strong scent how could that be coming from a restaurant. When the fire started it was black smoke but later on we found out after the firemen came they said it’s not from the electrical because we were thinking it was from the electrical but it wasn’t. It was a tire that was placed in there and then lit on fire and that is where the fire started.”


Harry Arzu, Love FM News

“So you think it was arson?


Joy Nunez

“Yes I do.”


Harry Arzu, Love FM News

“What is the cost of your loss?


Joy Nunez:

Down here is about $50,000.00”


The house and its contents were not insured.