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Fire Destroys Upper Flat on Freedom Street

Sometime around ten o’clock last night a fire destroyed the home of Allan Locario of 3722 Freedom Street. His home is situated upstairs of a closed meat shop. Locario was inside his home when the blaze started. He said a candle started the fire when he fell asleep after reading. He spoke to Love News about the incident and how he managed to escape.


“We understand that the fire started up there by a lit candle and I was reading and I got a little bit sleepy and put the magazine down and the candle was half burnt but I didn’t out it and I fell asleep and what awoke me was the smoke and the heat because it had caught to the sofa that I was sleeping on. I got up and I tried to roll the sofa out of the house by opening the door and I said that if I threw it downstairs that it would have eliminated the problem but I wasn’t strong enough to roll it out because it was big and heavy. The fire just started to blaze and got out of hand. When I opened the door and started hollering for help the police was right downstairs in their mobile so they got out and ran upstairs and helped me get out of the house. A few minutes later the fire service came along.”

Locario managed to escape the fire without any serious injuries, except burns to his palms. He estimates his loss to be about seven thousand dollars. He told us he lost all his personal documents, and had slept at the police station last night.’


“I did not get hurt or anything. Only minor burns on my hand where I was trying to push the sofa out. Everything was lost, around $7,000 worth of items in there. All my personal effect, documents, everything is gone. Last night I slept at the Raccoon Street police station but today I am here trying to clean out the downstairs and salvage what I can. I will have to take up residency downstairs for the time being.”

The National Fire Service has released their preliminary report on the fire. Ted Smith, Fire Chief says that they have yet to determine if the fire started from the said candle and where it actually started.


“The National Fire Service received and responded to a structural fire at the corner of Louise Bevans and Freedom Streets, Belize City in the Port Loyola area. On arrival on scene the two storey concrete lower and metal upper story was engulfed in flames. The fire department went into operation, contained and extinguished that fire. At the conclusion of that fire the upper flat was gutted by the fire. The investigation is still ongoing however information received from the occupant is that he did not have electricity and he used a candle to provide light and he fell asleep and believed that the candle may have caused the fire. We are still conducting our investigation to determine the area the fire started from and where the candle was in relation to the area of origin.”

Locario was living at the residence alone. If you would like to assist him you can visit him at 3722 Freedom Street since he has no contact number.