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Fire-fighters prevent disastrous fire

A fire broke out at a house on Kelly Street in Belize City this afternoon. Fortunately and unlike other occasions, this time we can report that no one got hurt or died and the wooden house was not totally destroyed. The blaze started at a room behind an aquarium store. Neighbors, who saw the fire start began doing what they could to prevent it from spreading to the other wooden houses. Fire officials arrived on the scene less than two minutes after they were notified, allowing fire-fighters to take control of the blaze and extinguish it. Fire Chief, Ted Smith, stressed the importance of alerting the National Fire Service of a fire as soon as possible.


“On arrival, the fire department found a two story wooden structure, the back section, South western section in flames. The fire department immediately went into operation confining the fire to the ground floor, that particular area we found on fire and extinguished the fire. As I said earlier we received the report of the fire at 1:40 and by 1:42 the first truck arrived on the scene. What is particularly important is to note the age of this structure, how old it is and the little fire damage that has occurred. This is as a result, of the timely and I repeat the timely information to the fire department of the situation. Because this fire was discovered early and the fire department was informed in a timely manner, we were able to respond, catch this fire in an incipient phase and was able to effectively extinguish this fire. Had we arrived when this fire was totally out of control it would have been a challenge. If you notice the close proximity to the other structure beside it. So it is important that all of us living in Belize become cognizant of the fact of the timely informing of the National Fire Service of incidents so we can respond immediately and deal with the situation effectively.”

Occupant of the small room, Darrell Hamilton, was not at home at the time of the fire. The cause of the fire has not been officially established.