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Fire guts home in Jane Usher Boulevard Area

A family is without a home tonight as they were victims of a fire. Shortly after midday, smoke rose over J.R. Street in the Jane Usher Boulevard area of Belize City and the fire gutted a home. The grief stricken homeowner had to be rushed to the hospital and our news team spoke to neighbors and a victim whose house was spared after the fire caught on her door.

Delvorine Araba, Neighbor:: I was on my veranda and then I saw the smoke and when I saw the smoke I just looked and I asked what happened. So my neighbor passed and told me that it was my niece’s house that was burning so I got confused and tried to get my niece but I couldn’t get her so I ran to the back here. So when I came back here the police were already back here but the fire truck wasn’t back here as yet.

Reporter: What did you see when you got here?

Delvorine Araba, Neighbor: When I got here I just saw the whole back house in flames. It’s a relative to my niece, my niece’s boy.

Reporter: How many people lived in the house? Do you know?

I’m not too sure but the back house had the girl and the boy and plus four kids.

Delvorine Araba, Neighbor: I just grabbed my baby and ran out with my phone, when I looked my neighbor’s entire house was on fire so I ran and was shouting in the street for people to come and help but nobody was back here. So by the time we got to the street side we just heard boom and the whole house was on fire and my house was right beside his one. So by the time we saw that I noticed my house was catching fire too, we couldn’t do anything and I told the young lady that I was not going to go back in the yard because my gas tank is in the yard. Thank God it’ was only the back door of my house but inside my house got wet but I don’t mind. Thank God the house didn’t burn down. My mind just told me not to go to work and God works in mysterious ways because if I didn’t go to a neighbor for some ice and the lady didn’t come out and see the fire the whole yard would have burned down because the three houses were already catching. I’m sorry for my neighbor and I just hope we get some assistance from the government.

Reporter: How would you rate the response time of the police and the fire department.

Sherette Hyde, Eyewitness: “You really want the honest truth? They take too long. Really too long. It’s too long. I was raised in America and I’ve never seen anything like this, they just take too long.”

No one was in the building at the time of the fire.