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Fire in the Free Zone

A fire at the Corozal Free Zone destroyed a warehouse this afternoon. It began at around three thirty and up to five thirty this evening fire fighters were still dousing off all flames. CEO of the Free Zone Raul Rosado, gave us some details.


“At around 3pm the Corozal  Free Zone fire unit received a call about  fire at a warehouse. They immediately deployed two people with a fire engine and started to contain the fire, at the same time we called the Corozal fire station and they also dispatched their fire fighters and we also contacted some fire fighters from Chetumal. At about ten minutes after both Corozal had arrived on the scene and the Mexicans spent about ten minutes at the border crossing and then met up with the team. The fire was contained to one unit which is the warehouse unit.”

No injuries have been reported in this blaze.