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Fire Investigations Conclude Surrounding School Fire

Thousands of dollars’ worth of supplies, furniture and electronics were lost in a fire that occurred on April 10 at Our Lady of the Way RC School in Ladyville Village, Belize District.  From the onset, it was a case of suspected arson.  Today, Station Officer at the Belize City Fire Station, Oren Smith spoke to the media on the findings in the investigation.


“There is evidence where I’ve seen burglar bars were being cut, some completely cut others were not. There is a photograph of a section where I saw aluminum louvers were torn open in trying to get into the office however the office I understand was double barricaded; burglar bars on the exteriors as well as the interior and that gave whoever it was a bit of difficulty and I suppose some frustration hence the fire. Not all incendiary fires use accelerants. People can just take a lighter and light something and walk away. It is the fact that there is no explainable term as to how the fire would occur that one would conclude on the scientific fact that you need fuel heat and oxygen to be combined to create that fire. When a fire occurs from something or in an area where there is no heat source then the heat source had to have some kind of human intervention and that was one of the results from that office at the school.”

School officials were alerted of the fire coming from inside the principal’s office just before eleven o’clock last Monday night.  The damages amounted to about thirty thousand dollars.  Neither the structure nor its contents were insured.