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Fire leaves eleven persons homeless

It is the Christmas season and while many are wishing for all sorts of goodies to make their Christmas merry and bright. Eleven person who lost their home in an early morning fire, are only wishing for a roof over their head this Christmas. We get more in this report from Johnelle McKenzie.

Johnelle Mckenzie: “At Least 11 persons will not have the type of Christmas that they were hoping for after a fire destroyed their home located on #45 Cleghorn St. in Belize City. The National Fire Service which is a short distance away on the same street was able to extinguish the fire but not before it completely gutted the interior of the home. Shawna Pacheco spoke about how the fire affected their family.

Shawna Pacheco: “This morning I woke up to smoke, actually I don’t live here, my stepmom lives here and I live across the street so I got up and I look through the window and I saw her house on fire so I woke her up and she came over here so this is what we came too because she has like three tenants in the house.”

Johnelle Mckenzie: “Orin Smith the Station Manager at the National Fire Service said Arson is the cause of this morning’s fire.

Station Manager at the National Fire Service Orin Smith: “On arrival on scene a thick grey smoke and flames were seen coming from the upper flat of a two story wooden structure with zinc roofing. As a result of that fire the upper flat of that structure was extensively damaged. The lower flat received water damage as a result of fire extinguishment activities. Preliminary investigation revealed that the fire originated on the south west of the structure in a room. The fire is designated as incendiary. Information that was being echoed on the ground while firefighting activities revealed that there was an individual that was in the room at the time of the fire. One tenant who also occupied the structure said that after being alerted of the fire he went up to the structure to get into the room to attempt to extinguish that fire. The individual within the room refused to give him access, after he had gained access the individual ran out from the room.

Johnelle Mckenzie: “It is alleged that the arsonist attempted to commit suicide. The landlady Maria Cocom had three tenants living in the upper flat, meanwhile the lower flat was occupied by her son and his family. This is Jonelle Mckenzie for Love News.

The family is appealing to the public for assistance and they can be contacted at 635-7750.