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Fire leaves family homeless

Tonight a family is homeless after their home was destroyed by fire. Sharmaine Bainton, along with her family, was living in the two-bedroom wooden house located in Vista Del Mar for the past two years. Bainton said that she got a call from her daughter informing her that their home was on fire.

Sharmaine Bainton – Fire Victim

Sharmaine Bainton – Fire Victim:“I was at work when my daughter called me and she told me that the house was on fire. So when I got here and asked her how the house caught fire she said that all of them were sleeping in the house and when she got up that she smelled smoke. She said when she looked in my room where I was the fire blazed up and started to burn and she was trying to knock it out but then she couldn’t knock it out and the fire just started blazing just like that and she managed to get the kids out.”

Reporter: What kind of house did you have ?

Sharmaine Bainton – Fire Victim: “Board house ma’am.”

Reporter: How many rooms?

Sharmaine Bainton – Fire Victim: “Two big rooms.”

The value of the house and its contents have not yet been ascertained. For those who would like to assist the family, Bainton can be reached at 636-5221.