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Fire leaves over ten persons homeless

This morning a two-storey structure located at the Corner of Plues Street and Rocky Road was destroyed by fire leaving as many as twelve persons homeless. The National Fire Service was dispatched to the location where they were able to extinguish the fire, but not before it completely gutted the structure. Bennisford Matura, the Assistant Fire Chief of the National Fire Service briefed the media on the incident.

Bennisford Matura, Assistant Fire Chief, National Fire Service: “We discovered a two story structure engulfed in flames, the lower flat is concrete and the upper flat was plycem and wood. It originated from the ground floor. Our investigators zeroed in on that area and they discovered that this fire was due to a faulty electrical system in the sense that they had a surge protector connected to an extension cord and you know the surge protector has six ports and all the outlets on that surge protector was occupied and they had all their major appliances connected to that. So basically they overheated the surge protector which caused this fire.”

Reporter: At the time of the fire was anyone at home ?

Bennisford Matura, Assistant Fire Chief, National Fire Service: “The occupants of the upstairs Mrs.Williams was upstairs.”