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Fire leaves twelve persons homeless

A dozen persons have been displaced after a fire broke out at their homes on Antelope Street Extension in Belize City. The fire department responded to the call, but by the time firefighters arrived, the structure was completely engulfed in flames. Now, here is the twist to the story:  Chavanie Vega who lived at one of the homes says she was threatened by a relative that her house would be burnt down.  Vega didn’t take that threat lightly and so she went to the police station to make a report.  As Vega sat at the station, she received a call with the news that her house was on fire.  Vega believes this is not a coincidence.

Chavanie Vega – Fire Victim: “Sunday at about two o’clock in the morning they had already intended to burn down our house so my sister and I,Monique, went to the Police Station. When we went to the Police Station we made the report and we got a call from her baby dad saying that the house is on fire but before we went to the station her uncle and I and his woman caught in an argument and they told us that they were going to burn down our house. While making the report they told us the house was on fire but no one was there. We put that the report and they will wait to see to press charges against the person because we didn’t see who did it but then like how we already had the back and forth with my boyfriend’s uncle when he said he would burn down the house. They are holding him for forty-eight hours and depending on how the investigation goes then they will press charges against the person. The problem is that they are arguing for this land and they even have papers for the land. Everybody back here  just build up and live on land right here, nobody has papers so they are arguing for the land. They told us we have to move from here either by the good or the bad we have to move because the land is for them.

The estimated value of the structure is yet to be ascertained. For those wishing to assist the family, they can be contacted at 664-3297.