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Fire Management in Terrestrial areas

Members of the Nature Conservancy in the United States are in the Toledo District working with locals on fire management.  Nature Conservancy manages protected areas throughout the US and are collaborating with Thomas Gomez and Sons with an objective to protect areas from forest fires.  Toledo Correspondent, Paul Mahung, met with the delegation and filed this report.

Paul Mahung: 16 participants completed International forest fire training including a US Belize partnership in Toledo. Training sessions were facilitated by Florida Everglade National Park Retiree Fire Ecologist and Management consultant Rick Anderson.

Rick Anderson: “This is a product of the many years that we have invested in training here with Tide and the protected lands and private partners of the Toledo Institute for Development Environment. Anyone that lives here in Toledo knows that bush fires can be very severe so these participants: 16 of them from all over the small protected areas at large will be able to take their experience here with firefighting, fire lighting and controlling fires back to their home place and help protect their places from severe wildfires.

Paul Mahung: “Completion of training sessions at the weekend were conducted in the area of Thomas Gomez and Sons Logging operation site in Toledo. Dale Gomez who accompanied the training team also spoke to Love News.

Dale Gomez: “My involvement was to be out there for the last two weeks burning with the guys from TNC, Rick Anderson and Tide. At the moment I am representing Thomas and Sons in the logging operation and we were out there to show these guys where to burn, where not to burn and to promote the regeneration of pine in our area. Our logging area is located on mile 58 Southern Highway Toledo District.

Paul Mahung: “The participant expressed gratitude to the nature conservancy, Tide and Thomas Gomez and Sons Logging for support and collaboration in accommodating the very successful fire management training in Belize. Paul Mahung Toledo Correspondent Love News.