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Fire official confirms DJ Jago’s car was torched

Police are investigating an arson that left a 2002 Four Runner, belonging to 28 year old Justin ‘DJ Jago’ Williams, destroyed. Williams told Love News yesterday that he has no idea who would want to torch his vehicle as he does not have any problems with anyone. Today police confirmed that two men were seen on a motorcycle, one of them approached the vehicle and seconds later the vehicle was seen on fire. Today, Station Manager for the National Fire Service, Oren Smith, spoke on the incident.

Orin Smith, Station Manager, National Fire Service: “Sometime after midnight on Wednesday night we did receive a call and responded to a vehicle fire that was a black SUV that was found. On arrival fire personnel seen on the engine compartment the fire was later extinguished. There were reports also that some form of and accelerant was found nearby, that investigation is still not really completed as yet.”

Hipolito Novelo: but the investigation is more leading to the vehicle getting torched.

Orin Smith, Station Manager, National Fire Service:  “It’s leading into that direction yeah.”

The vehicle is insured with RF&G Insurance and have is value of fifteen thousand dollars. The incident append at around midnight on April 4 at University Drive, Belize City