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Fire on Neal’s Pen Road Leaves Family Homeless

Over the weekend, a fire in the old capital consumed a family’s home on on Neal Pen Road. The Fire Department responded within minutes of the fire on Saturday night as explained by the Station Officer, Orin Smith.


“On Saturday 30th April 2016 at approximately 10pm the National FIre Service received and had responded to reports from police and concerned citizens of a structural fire at #37 Neil’s Penn Road Belize City. On arrival on the scene flames and smoke were seen coming from the lower flat of a two storey wooden and concrete construction. Flames were also seen coming from the south west section of the upper flat. Following a brief size up the National Fire Service went into operation to extinguish the fire. That fire was later brought under control and extinguished. The lower flat was extensively damaged as a result of the fire and the south west room of the upper flat recieved some degree of damage as well. The remainder upper flat received mostly heat, smoke and water damage.”

According to investigations, they have ascertained the cause of the fire.


“The investigation revealed that the fire originated from the lower flat on the south west corner, the fire was the result of an electrical feed being received by the recipients of the lower flat.”

Emotions ran high as it was rumored that children were trapped inside of the burning house. Smith cleared up what happened.


“The lower flat was occupied by one female adult and six children, they were all out of the structure by the time we arrived on the scene.”

With electrical problems becoming a common source of fires, Smith advises the public on how to prevent fires.


“An electrical feed is becoming more common but an advise would be to disconnect these feeds at night when they are going to sleep and to not leave them on and it would be preferred that these feeds not be done entirely because they are risky, there are no circuit breakers in between to trip and prevent any fires from occurring so when the wire overheats it will most often result in a fire occurring.”