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Fire Up North Guts Warehouse

A fire broke out mid-afternoon today in the Orange Walk District. Fire officials received a 911 called minutes before three o’clock and a team of firefighters was dispatch to an area in Trial Farm Village. The team of four firefighters had to call for back up and a second fire truck was dispatched after firefighters realized the blaze was enormous. The owner of the warehouse spoke to Love News on what they believe may have caused the fire.

At the scene Commanding Officer for the Orange Walk Fire Department, Felicio Mencias spoke to Love News, saying that the blaze was brought under control quickly.

Felicio Mencias, Commanding Officer, Orange Walk Fire Department: “On arrival they confirmed that the fire was a large fire so immediately I brought the second truck. On arrival the guys were already dealing with the fire so we just started to deal defensive so that the fire didn’t expand until we brought it under control.”

Reporter: After you brought it under control tell us what you saw.

Felicio Mencias, Commanding Officer, Orange Walk Fire Department: “Well the first thing I notice was that the area had poor house keeping. If you notice how the vehicles are parked and you can’t maneuver how you want, a vehicle is right at the entrance, it’s still there that can’t move so all of that are obstruction that’s why I say it’s poor house keeping even the vehicles on the street the truck arrived and had no space for the truck to park due to all the vehicles were out on the street that is what I observed when I reached here.” 

Reporter: How many vehicles ? I mean the damages are big for the owner.

Felicio Mencias, Commanding Officer, Orange Walk Fire Department: “Up to now we count at least five vehicles but they’re vehicles that weren’t running, probably were here fixing.”

Reporter: Preliminarily do you have cause ? Where it started ?

Felicio Mencias, Commanding Officer, Orange Walk Fire Department: “Well what we’re looking at is a latrine was right next to the vehicle so we narrowed it down that the fire started at the outside latrine but somebody had to be using the latrine because the fire wouldn’t just start like that. Maybe somebody went and used the latrine, probably left a cigarette but for it to really to determine if it’s right from there it’s hard because due to the rubbish and things how it stayed.”

Reporter: There are several reports or several concerns that have been brought up to us that there was an explosion prior to the flames. Do you know anything in respect to that ?

Felicio Mencias, Commanding Officer, Orange Walk Fire Department: “Well I haven’t received that information yet. Like I told you the owner of the place told me that one of the persons told him that the fire started by the latrine so we went to that area and if you notice the fire pattern on the vehicle you can see how it arches the radiation it started there. Then the next thing you have a lot of old iron, aluminum different materials in there.”

Of note is that no one was injured in the fire.