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Firearm Case Dismissed Following Serial Number Mix-Up

Four persons charged with kept firearm and ammunition without a gun license were acquitted of the charges today by Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser. They are Shane Crawford, Judith Rocke and her sons, Gian Bernard and Michael Herrera. Rocke’s attorney, Kareem Musa, objected to the tendering of the firearm into evidence when the serial number on the gun did not match with the serial number given by the witness, Corporal Theodore Lopez. Senior Magistrate Fraser upheld the objection and since the five rounds of ammunition were in the magazine of the gun, they too could not be tendered into evidence. Without the firearm and ammunition tendered into evidence the prosecution’s case fell apart and Senior Magistrate Fraser found the defendants not guilty of the charges. Police charged the four on April 25, 2012, when they went to Rocke’s residence, located on Castle Street and found a point three eighty pistol with five rounds in its magazine under a towel on a table. Only Herrera was at home at the time.