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Firearm Offences Gets Bennett Five Years in Prison

Eighteen year old Richard Bennett Jr., one of 7 persons charged with kept a prohibited firearm and kept ammunition without a gun license, pled guilty to the charges when he appeared today before Magistrate Carlon Mendoza.  Bennett was sentenced to 3 years for the firearm and 5 years for the ammunition. The sentences are to run concurrently, so Bennett will serve 5 years.The charges were withdrawn from Bennett’s father, his mother and his 4 sisters.  This entire ordeal for the family is the result of a search conducted by police and the K9 Unit just before six o’lock this morning at Bennett’s residence on Magazine Road in Belize City. The search resulted in the discovery of one tech 9 pistol without serial number and with 15 rounds of ammunition in its magazine.  The gun was hidden in the chassis of a truck that was in the yard.Bennett said he got the gun from off the street and he had it for his protection.He said somebady threw it from a moving car and he picked it up and he decided to keep it.