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Firearm Taken in Home Invasion Recovered

While Ladyville Police have made up to nineteen arrests in the home invasion at the house of the Honorary Consul General to Lebanon, Sarkis Abou-Nehra, they had been appealing to the public for the recovery of the firearms that went missing from the home during the robbery.  Today, senior Superintendent Broaster reported that one of the weapons, being a nine millimeter Browning pistol was recovered during a search of an open lot on Ordonez Avenue in Belize City.  No one was arrested for this firearm and so it was deposited at the station as found property.  The home invasion occurred on December 3, 2015.  The nineteen persons arrested Tyrone Meighan of Banak Street along with Brandon Baptist, James Noralez along with brothers and cousins, John, Gerson and Sheldon and Lane Grinage, along with their uncle, Randolph Coleman Jr, a coast guard, as well as Ashanti Roaches, Kamisha Cacho, Malik Pitts, Monique Cadle Paul Jex Jr., his father, Paul Sabido Jex Sr., Paula Jex, Pauline Jex, and Jeffery James Buller Jr., and Anthony Smith. The charges for the group vary and range from rape, to conspiracy to commit rape and aggravated burglary to abetment to rape and handling stolen goods.  The matter has been adjourned for March 15.