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Who fired shots at Orel Leslie?

Orel Leslie is one of a group of men who were jointly charged for the November, 2012 murder of James Noralez. Leslie, Tyrone Meighan and Brandon Baptist were acquitted in 2015 and the Director of Public Prosecutions, Cheryl-Lynn Vidal appealed. While Leslie was on remand for that second trial, he felt he was not treated fairly by the system. After the second murder trial acquittal, Leslie sued Kolbe Foundation, the management authority for the Belize Central Prison. That case went to court in November, 2018. Leslie is back in the news tonight as early Sunday May 12, at 5 am Leslie was driving on Bocotora Street in Belize City when someone fired several shots at him. The police told us today that Leslie has not reported the incident to them.

ASP Alejandro Cowo – Head CIB Belize City: “There were some shots fired at him whilst he was inside of the vehicle but he has never made an official report up to now. We have a person in custody at this moment.”

Reporter: “Can you tell us if that person is cooperating with the police or if police has been able to get any information?”

ASP Alejandro Cowo – Head CIB Belize City: Well, police are interviewing him but as I mentioned up to now the actual victim has not made a report. We are just trying to establish the motive or the reason why if indeed that the person we have detained is the person that did the actual shooting. It is just a procedure that we have to follow.”

Six expended shells were recovered from the scene.