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Firefighters experience Communication Problems

The National Fire Service had to send its radios for repair. For the past few weeks, firefighters were experiencing communication problems as it relates to its radios attached to the fire trucks. Three of the radios were damaged and sent to be repaired. We asked Fire Chief Ted Smith about it.

“Yes we had some communication, we have experienced some communication problems the radios were sent to fix they have since returned in fact I actually brought them back from BCSL just Tuesday night I was out in the West and handed them in and they are in the process of being installed back in the units but I must also call on my members in the department to also take better care of them. They can’t last forever but the more we care for these things the longer they will last us and so it’s a two way street for all of us. We must appreciate that these things are expensive and their importance cannot be overly emphasized in a crisis situation, communication is crucial for us to be effective.”


“Are these all the radios or …..”

Ted Smith – Fire Chief

“These were Belize City radios, these were I think it was three radios and we had a couple in storage that needed to check so those were taken from storage and sent too but there were only three radios. They have communication; they have portable communication that is what he used on the foreground that was not the issue that we had.”


“What was it ?”

Ted Smith – Fire Chief

“The issue that we had was the mobile radio on the unit. It was the unit radio but not the fire ground communication, there is a handheld radio Belize is small we could always communicate back and say we arrived but if the truck goes out far on the road then we would have issues with the truck communicating back. Nevertheless each officer on the truck, commanding officer has a cell phone, some measures have been put in place, each one of them has to hand in the cell phone number to the department so that we can reach them in a crisis situation.”

According to Smith, each radio costs about six to eight hundred dollars.