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‘Fireworks’ Expected in House Meeting on Friday

And while as an official news entity we cannot air the very scandalous and slanderous remarks Hulse made, there is no stopping you from listening to it on your own time. In this technology era, Hulse comments have gone viral on Youtube and Facebook.  The Opposition, People’s United Party are using social media to their advantage and it is expected that this Friday, for the Sitting of the House of Representatives, they will use every second to repeat what Hulse since they are afforded immunity and no legal action can be taken against them for saying what they want.


“It doesn’t matter what you do; technology is so advanced, people will hear that recording and the more the Prime Minister threatens that he will sue the more people will find a way to get that recording, it’s all over YouTube so will he go sue YouTube now? Who will he sue?”


“Do you think that this is karma?”


“Now you’re asking me to be a political guru or maybe ..”


“Because he had commented on the John Briceno story and he went to the House saying that even though some of the media houses could not air parts of the John Briceno recording he would say it in the House there because parliamentarians have immunity and this Friday there is the House Meeting.”


“When you put it like that it has to be karma because I thought about it when I recalled that this Friday there would be a House sitting so I said, “Imagine eh word by word anybody can get up in that house and repeat what has been said in that recording and because our parliamentarian system allows you immunity and privilege not to be persecuted for libel or defamation or slander with whatever you say in the National Assembly I can just see this great opportunity leading up to a by election. It has to be karma if you don’t know what else to say. In terms of him trying to control what happens who says what let me tell you that thing is viral out there the whole world will hear it if they don’t want to. I don’t know how he plans to stop it on YouTube the thing is the information is out there and all I am thinking about is not only is that information out there but now because of the attention he has given to it more people will want to hear it and now because of the way Facebook is and YouTube and all of them people slice the portions and just have it out there to make comments so the horse has left the stable a long time ago and he can’t stop it.”

The Sitting of the House of Representatives starts at 10 and as a tradition, we will carry it live on Love FM.