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“My first 75 Years” published

“My first 75 Years” is an autobiography written by former Chief Education Officer Ines Sanchez. The book was launched earlier today in the Capital. Cayo correspondent Pauline Soberanis Tillett attended the launch and spoke to the career educator about the lessons he continues to share in life and within his 380 pages.

Pauline Soberanis Tillet: “86 year old Inessi Sanchez Ma today launched his book entitled my first 75 years. This launch was held at the Belize National Heritage Library this morning and had a full audience including the Governor General of Belize Sir Colville Young. In his book Sanchez wrote about his life experiences.

Inessi Sanchez: “ When I finished the book I felt like I was in heaven especially with all these people around me it makes me really feel good.  I found out by reading that when you retire that if you don’t find anything satisfying, anything intellectual to do you die quick so I had to find something of interest, challenging intellectually so that I can keep myself busy even if let’s say I don’t know if it will be appreciated or not but I was intellectually enjoying myself.

Pauline Soberanis Tillet: “We also spoke with Celene Cayetano the Librarian.”

Celene Cayetano: “This book launch is for IE Sanchez’s first memoir and the way he puts it there will be another autobiography coming up soon, at some point, I shouldn’t say soon. The library has always supported authors and this is no different so we are very excited because of course of education. Libraries fall under the realm of education so we are always excited to read about the history of education in Belize and coming from someone who was actually there so the beauty of this story is that his life takes you through different periods of Belizean history, his work takes you through different periods of education. The evolution of UB itself is linked to his history and his journey.

I am Pauline Soberanis Tillet Love News Cayo Correspondent.