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First ever tourism auction was launched locally

The Belize Hotel Association has created a digital travel trade event in the form of an online auction. This endeavor allows any person a chance to buy some of Belize’s premium destinations under its market value. With over twenty unique packages to choose from, guests, upon arrival in Belize will be whisked away to a private island, beach resort or an exotic jungle lodge of their choice. Ted Tejada, President of the Belize Hotel Association told us more on this recent initiative.

Ted Tejada, President, Belize Hotel Association: “As you know many of these institutions, the Belize Hotel Association, the BTIA, are also funded by the Belize Tourism Board. Unfortunately because of no tourist coming in the Belize Tourism Board could no longer sustain some of these findings and so our institution the Belize Hotel Association came up with a bright idea of developing an international action – our membership donated to the association we created an action page which went live November first and is going to be for fifteen days for international people to be able to bid on these rooms and packages. We’re going to provide those leads back to our hotels and say “These are the individuals that bid on these rooms even though if they didn’t win the package we will know how many people are interested in your property.” At this moment our members realized that it is very hard to financially provide monetary support to any organization there is no tourism so they have rooms so they were able to provide us with a room so that we can sell to bring money to the Belize Hotel Association. That fund is being used for marketing. Prior to this pandemic the Belize Hotel Association used to attend twenty two international shows, we can no longer physically go to a show we have to attract the tourist and it has to be done digitally it takes more investment, you have to invest on Google and Facebook on different platforms to attract the tourist. If you have very little money there’s no money to invest into marketing with that in mind our members donated those packages which we are utilizing to bring in the revenue for marketing benefits for them.”

The fundraising initiative was launched on November 1 and remains open for two weeks until November 15.