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Fish Vendor Fined 9K for Undersized Conch

The GSU made a bust this morning but not the regular illegal firearm of drug bust. They busted thirty-two year old Raymond Myers of West Collet Canal with what they believed to be undersized conch. GSU Officers confiscated the conch and took it to the Fisheries Department. From there the Fisheries Department took over and Acting Inspector, Calman Hall told us more.


“They brought it over here to the Fisheries Department where they passed on their findings to one Mr. Elvis Williams who then did a proper investigation to check and verify that the products were indeed undersized and the gentleman was then charged for the possession of undersized product. After Mr. Williams had done his due diligence and found that the gentlemen had 444 individual conch and he was taken to court this morning and a fine of $200 was levied on him and a penalty of $8,880 was levied on him for the 444 conch. These charges were given to him because of $20 per fish.”


“Through his example what message would you want to send to anybody who wants to fish these undersized conch?”


“Like I always say, it doesn’t have to be specifically fishermen or anyone who purchases product but anyone out there who wants to eat any conch or any marine product especially that has an illegal size limit to have it weight before you try to purchase it especially if the season is opened you want to weigh it and make sure it is above board.”

Hall went on to explained what constitutes undersized conch.


“We have four different sizes which constitute the illegal size limit for conch where if you have it in a shell it should be 7 inches, it has to be more than seven inches. When that conch is just taken out of that shell it should be seven ounces. When that conch is partially cleaned which is what everyone knows as market clean should be over three ounces. Then you have another phase which is fully processed which everyone knows as fillet that should be 2.75 ounces, it should be over that otherwise it constitutes an undersized conch.”

Myers is a fish vendor of Conch Shell Bay. He was fined nine thousand and twenty dollars today by Magistrate Carlon Mendoza after he pled guilty to possession of four hundred and forty four undersized conchs. He was given until July 29, 2016 to pay. If he defaults on payment he will serve three months.