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Fisheries and Forestry Progress in E-Governance

Belize Electronic License and Permit System (BELAPS) is a new medium that has been generated by the Belize Fisheries Department, Belize Forest Department, the Taiwan International Cooperation and Development Fund and Central Information Technology Office (CITCO). BELAPS is an internet-based application process for all licenses and permits from both Fisheries and Forest Department. The Database is to implement e-governance in Belize as well as provide efficiency in the sector. Love News spoke to Chief Forest Officer, Wilber Sabido.


“We started collaborating on developing an electronic permitting system. Now it’s being called the Belize Electronic License and Permit System and it’s purpose really is to offer a one stop shop to users of forest and fisheries products to apply for permits and licenses online and to be able to follow through the entire process that these permits and licenses go through and eventually if approved they receive their permits and licenses online. So it is a web based platform which uses a computer technology for users to now be able to have access to what we normally would have done manually and so now they can do it electronically. The intent is to create a more efficient delivery of services to our users.”

Sabido spoke about the types of licenses that will be available online.


“It is essentially any member of the public that wants to import or export forest and fisheries products. Any member of the public that wants to have access through a license for the extraction of timber products, any user or fisher folk that wants to apply for a fisheries license can access the system online and be able to apply and eventually receive their permits online. We are talking about long term licenses, short term licenses, import and export permits for either timber or wildlife which again the users once they register onto the system, provide all the information that is required would then be able to receive their licenses.”

Minister of Agriculture, Gaspar Vega, says that the online application process is going to be less corruptible and more transparent for applicants.


“Of course because like I said before you can go and apply, one month before me and I come one month later and I get the license before you with this system it will be easily tracked and we will be able to question how come such a person came one month later and got the license before John Doe.”

The new system was generated by Central Information Technology Office.