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Fisheries holds shark workshop

A three-day workshop was concluded today at the Belize Biltmore Plaza. The workshop was conducted by the Fisheries Department and the focus was on sharks. Ramon Carcamo, Fisheries Officer, spoke with Love News about the workshop.

Ramon Carcamo – Fisheries Officer, Fisheries Department

“It was a national shark workshop focused on the non-detriment finding where the objective was to do some work, further analyze the status of the sharks in Belize and then on the high seas so that was one of the objectives. But prior to that, we had the opportunity where the minister was present also to announce a couple of things. One of the things was to announce the pool protection of rays in Belize and also to endorse the national plan of action, something that is very important, historic for the management of sharks in Belize.”

Carcamo said that one of the objectives of the workshop was to examine the status of the sharks in Belize.

Ramon Carcamo – Fisheries Officer, Fisheries Department

“To look at the status of the shark and what measures needs to be taken to stabilize or recover the sharks high in Belize. So fishers were invited, scientists were invited to be part of a discussion and looking at the information that is available, identify gaps that need to be filled for example data that needs to be collected for us to be evaluated and better determine the status of sharks in Belize. This is very important because this will then stimulate the formulation of policies management that is required for the improvement of sharks in Belize.”

Despite the fact that sharks are predators, Carcamo said that they still play a vital role in helping to balance the marine ecosystem. Carcamo added as a result, they need a plan to effectively manage them.