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Fisherman missing at sea

Greg Dillon, a fisherman, went fishing in the vicinity of the Turneffe area on Saturday and was expected back on Monday; however, when he did not return the family became concerned. Love news spoke with Genay Dillon, his wife, who said this is the first time that her husband has gone to sea and not return as scheduled.

Genay Dillion WIfe of Missing Fisherman: “We started contacting the Coast Guard and I went to the Police station and everything and yesterday we went out on a search and we contacted the Coast Guard today again and they were stating that they are trying to get with the BDF to do a fly over because that would cover more ground. When we did go out there yesterday we didn’t see any signs of anything and I know the ocean is very large but we didn’t see any signs of a wreckage and we have a lot of Fishermen that know him because he is a Fisherman and they haven’t seen him or the boat.”

The family of Greg Dillon is holding out hope that he will be found alive.