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Fisherman Off to Trial for Polonio’s Murder

Thirty-three year old Lyndon Kelly, a fisherman of San Pedrito area of San Pedro Town charged with the murder of 32 year old Elton Polonio, was today committed for trial in the June session of the Supreme Court by the Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith. Kelly’s trial is set to start on June 20. Kelly’s attorney, Oscar Selgado, requested paper committal and said that alibi does not arise in this case. The prosecution submitted statements from fourteen witnesses, two chain of custody forms, a report from scenes of crime technician Angela Wiltshire, a report from scenes of crime technician Brian Lopez, a sketch plan of the crime scene, a suspect acknowledgement form, a notes of interview of Kelly, a post-mortem examination of Polonio, nine sets of the post-mortem of Polonio, a forensic report from laboratory technician Camille Gibson, a medico-legal report for Kelly, a warrant to bury Polonio and DVds marked Kelly. Polonio was fatally stabbed in his chest in broad daylight on September 8, 2016, in a hardware store in San Pedro. . According to police reports, Polonio and another man, with whom he had an old beef, got into an altercation then Polonio was stabbed. He ran out of the store and collapsed on the street a short distance away. He was taken to the polyclinic on the island where he died while undergoing treatment.