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Did Fishermen Lose their Lives at Sea?

There is growing concern in northern fishing communities over the fate of some fishermen. There were allegations that their boat capsized and some family members have heard that 10 of them may have passed away at sea. These are only allegations but the calls to the security forces have been taken very seriously. Now we get to the facts that we do know for sure. That is, the Belize Coast Guard and the Belize Defense Force are looking for the fishing boat. The BDF is conducting a flyover to look for the sailboat in different marine areas and atolls including Halfmoon Caye.  An official from the Belize Coastguard’s Operations Department told Love news that the men are from Copper Bank Village. Some family members have even received information but can’t say where their information is coming from. However, the Coastguard has not made contact with the vessel and up to news time tonight, the Coastguard has not received any updates but they have deployed boats to be on the lookout for the men who are allegedly lost or dead at sea.  We will continue to check with officials until the facts of the case are clear.