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Fishermen reporting missing

Three fishermen have been reported missing.  According to Police reports, Donovan Usher, Jerome Bowen and Giovanni Murrillo went to sea last Thursday and have not been seen or heard from since. Today Love News spoke with Anna Cardinez, Donovan Usher’s mother who said her son told her he had been receiving threats.

Anna Cardinez – mother of missing man

“We would like to know what happened if anything happened because as a parent you need to know. My son told me that they were getting threats from the Coast Guard. How can they threaten people and tell them they can’t do this or that when they have their things set out there? That is where they have their shades set, that is where they go to work and that is how they make their living. So I need somebody to look into this, I need to know if my son is living or dead, I need closure.”

Cardinez says that whenever the men would go to sea they would always return the same day. She also says that her son and the other men were labeled as pirates.

Anna Cardinez – mother of missing man

“Well they say they’re pirates a lot of people are complaining and saying that they are pirates, that they go to work other people’s shade and things like that. Every fisherman out there is a pirate all of them. When you go to work an area and you don’t find anything you will look for somewhere else and that is why they don’t like them, because they know how to make a living out here. Usually they take their phones out but that day they said they would tow in to borrow that is what they planned to do and work their thing and they’ve never done this before. If they go for one day they go for one day only.”

Cardinez says that she hasn’t gotten an update from the police and only thing she’s been hearing rumors about the death of the men.

Anna Cardinez – mother of missing man

“Saturday night I went to Eastern Division on Euphrates and I gave a report and so far nothing has come up. We’ve gotten a lot of stories, you wouldn’t even want to hear the kinds of stories we get because it’s not funny. They came and told me that they killed them and they punctured their lungs and sank them, you know how that makes me feel? The coast guard needs to do their job.”