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FIU Alerts Residents of Investment Scheme in Belize

The Financial Intelligence Unit has issued an alert to residents around the country surrounding a scheme that has been brought to their attention.  In this scheme, the individuals who sign onto the program are asked to make an initial investment with the promise of making far more than what they have put in.  According to the release, potential victims are often encouraged or required to bring their friends into the scheme as well.  The promoter or promoters may host social events and publicly give money to early investors to demonstrate that persons are being paid their return.  However in these schemes, no actual investment is made.  Any pay-out is made from money contributed by later victims.  The release goes on to the note, quote, “these schemes crumble when the promoters or other investors cannot induce victims to pay into the scheme to cover all the promised returns.  The higher the promised return, the faster the scheme falls apart.  The general public is urged to exercise the following measures: be cautious of investment opportunities that offer extraordinary rates of return on your investment; be cautious of investment opportunities that require you to recruit subsequent investors to increase your profit or recoup your initial investment and independently verify the legitimacy of any franchise or investment or consult an unbiased third party before you invest.”  End of quote.  The Financial Intelligence Unit is asking the help of the public in reporting any suspected case of this fraud to the nearest police station.