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Five bodies in all found over the weekend

Five men left out on a fishing trip last week and never returned. Instead, one by one, their bodies were found by members of the Police Department and the Belize Coast Guard. These men: 23-year-old, Travis Cooke; 49-year-old, Ernest Wills; 40-year-old, Winston Santos; 21-year-old, Jamar Martinez and 19-year-old, Allyson Jones – all lived in the same area, and four of them were members of the same family. Cooke’s body was found first, on Thursday evening. Wills and Santos were found on Friday. Martinez and Jones were the last bodies to be found, amongst some mangroves in the Mapp Caye area. Senior Superintendent, Hilberto Romero, gave us more information on Saturday’s discovery.

Sr. Supt. Hilberto Romero – Deputy Head N.C.I.B. Belize City: “On Saturday the 22nd Day of June 2019. As a result of ongoing investigations into the three bodies that were found, previously police conducted a search and rescue operation with specialized units of the Belize Police Department, the Belize Coast Guard and family members of the deceased which led to the discovery of two bodies behind Mapp Caye in an area near the lagoon. The two other bodies were identified as those of Allyson Jones and Jamar Martinez. They were brought from that area, taken to Burrell Boom at the clinic there were post mortems were conducted immediately on the bodies. They were all together on a fishing trip and they were expected back on Friday.”

According to police, they have detained some people in connection with the murders and have recorded several statements, but no arrests have been made as yet.///////