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Police Responds to 5-Car Pile-Up on Highway

This morning just before eleven o’clock, an accident occurred on the Phillip Goldson Highway between miles six and seven. A total of six vehicles were damaged. One silver Toyota Prado landed on its side and the five others traveling behind the Prado collided into one another.  Love News was on the scene and spoke to one of the victims in the accident, Kevin Requena, who told us what he thought, caused the accident.

car pile up accident 2Kevin RequenaKEVIN REQUENA

“I was coming when we left Ladyville the cargo section we noticed that we started to smell diesel from around Sky and approaching the curve I saw a WASA truck on the roadside because a Prado had just flipped over and then the same way I stopped a lady stopped behind me and after that it was a train of vehicles behind each other hitting due to the fact that diesel spilled on the road. We didn’t see the truck but according to people that passed by they told us it was a Bowen and Bowen truck that passed by. If it is them and I know that accidents do happen but I think they have to be more careful especially on a curve. Nobody got hurt thank  God, the young lady that flipped over had on her seat belt but everyone is okay.”