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Five Cyclist Injured on Highway in Western Belize

Four cyclists from the United States who were scheduled to participate in this weekend’s annual cross country cycling classic were involved in a road traffic accident this morning on the George Price Highway. The four men along with two women were between mile 13 and 14 in the Village of Hattieville when the incident occurred. Fortunately there are no reports of fatalities and all six individuals were transported to Belize Medical Associates for medical attention. Second in Command of the Hattieville Police Station, Sergeant Keith Clarke shared more details.


The two women suffered the more serious injuries as one had a broken collar bone and the other had injuries to the face and other bruises and scratches. We understand all six were treated and released. President of the Belize Cycling Federation, Dion Leslie spoke with Love News about the incident.


Leslie said it is important that motorists need to be aware of the cyclists and be considerate since there is an increase of cyclists on the road. He said cyclists also need to take necessary precautions.


We will have more on the 88th annual cross country cycling classic later in our newscast.