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Five Detained in Connection with the Toledo Double Murder

The police department has also been actively investigating the double homicide of sisters, Josephina and Crecencia Oh. Today ACP Joseph Myvett says they have made several detentions.

ACP Joseph Myvett – Head, National CIB

“The police have launched intensive operations and up to this morning there are five individuals that are detained and are currently being interviewed to see if any useful information in regards to the investigation can be obtained from them.”

Seventeen-year-old Josephine Oh and nineteen-year-old Crisencia Oh of San Antonio Village in the Toledo District were hacked to death on Sunday night in San Jose Village. Their bodies were found about two miles off the road. The sisters had left home in San Antonio Village to attend a church service in San Jose Village and were heading home when they were attacked and killed. Investigations are ongoing. A press release issued today by the Toledo Alcaldes Association states that the family of the teenagers is demanding that the images of the victims being circulated on social media be taken down. They expressed their distaste for the way the images have been circulated on social media and on certain media outlets in a meeting held today with the TAA. They are asking that social media users refrain from further reposting the disturbing images.