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Five fishermen pleaded guilty to charges of possession of lobsters

Five fishermen of Chunox Village, Corozal District appeared before Magistrate Michelle Trapp where they pleaded guilty to charges of possession of eighteen lobsters with eggs and possession of five lobsters with soft shells. They are 34-year-old, Isidro Patt; 20-year-old, Dandy Patt; 21-year-old, Jair Patt; 22-year-old, Rodel Patt and 29-year-old, Christian Ramirez. As a result, they were each fined one hundred dollars and were given until February 15 to pay; in default they will serve two months in prison. Magistrate Trapp imposed the fines after their attorney, Douglas Carr expressed how remorseful the men were and asked the court to take into consideration that the men saved the court time by pleading guilty.  The men were also charged with possession of undersized lobster but that charge was withdrawn. A sixth person, Nadir Mendez, was charged jointly with the others but the charges against him were withdrawn since he was only the cook. The incident occurred at around ten thirty on August 27, 2018. Fisheries officers went to Lighthouse Reef Atoll where they came across a fishing vessel, Yaneli, with six persons. Thereafter, the officers conducted a search on the vessel and discovered an ice box with the lobsters.