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Five men busted in San Ignacio for drug trafficking

San Ignacio Police has opened a new drug trafficking case involving five persons who were detained just after midnight last night.  Members of the Special Patrol Team or SPU were doing foot patrols within the Arenal Village in the Cayo District when their attention was drawn to a red sedan passing along an un-named street in the village.  Being suspicious, the officers signalled the vehicle to stop, using a flashlight but rather than stopping, the driver swerved towards the officers and continued along.  A warning shot was fired but the driver still carried on.  As a result, one of the officers shot at the vehicle, forcing the car to stop when the shot caught the left front wheel.  A man came out the red Mitsubishi Galant from the front passenger seat, holding a large ball shaped object which he flung about ten feet from the vehicle.  He then fled the scene in the company of another man who exited the vehicle from the back seat.  The duo was ordered to stop by the officers, to which they complied while three other passengers remained in the car.  Five of them were subsequently taken into the San Ignacio Police Station after the object flung from the vehicle was retrieved in their presence.  The object turned out to be a container carrying suspected marijuana, weighing four thousand four hundred and twenty eight grams of the drug, equivalent to just under ten  pounds.  The persons taken into custody are 20-year-old, laborer, Dillen Dougal of a Rootsville address in Belize City; 18-year-old, John Garcia, a laborer of Melado Street in San Ignacio Town; 32-year-old, Egbert Conorquie, a laborer of Hattieville Village, Belize District; 35-year-old, Anthony Conorquie, a barber of Tibruce Street in Belize City and a 17-year-old minor of San Ignacio Town, Cayo District.  All five persons were charged with drug trafficking.  The mother of the minor was brought in and the drug was weighed in her presence.