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Five Murders in Corozal for 2017

The disappearance of 32 year old Zeidy Orozco and 41 year old Baltazar Lopez has become a murder investigation after their bodies were found yesterday afternoon. Corozal police say that they were called around two in the afternoon after sanitation workers reportedly found the body. The discovery brought an end to almost an entire week of searching by family members, friends and volunteers. Today, the post mortem examination determined that the couple met a horrific end and as soon as the exam was concluded Orozco and Lopez were buried. Our News Team was in Corozal Town today and brings us more on this story.


We have to be strong, life continues even though it will take time to forget. Corozal, I don’t know what to say about Corozal anymore.”



Voice 1: Finding the bodies was one of the main objectives, that last option we will run to was finding them dead.


Voice 1: We don’t have anything else to say, we have no regrets, we can pinpoint on anyone. We can’t judge anyone or blame anyone, at this point we just want to give thanks to everyone.


Voice 1: It’s very hard because this is the last time you will see the caskets. It is impossible to open them because it really stinks so it’s really hard. People are fainting and crying they are feeling for that loved one.


Voice 1: Well the police assisted after all, the many civilians, the woman’s relatives and relatives from the male and we reached to the point where we found the bodies we are putting them to rest now and that is all we can say up to now and we want to thank everyone that assisted us financially, emotionally and in the search.

The death of Zeidy Orozco, Baltazar Lopez, and Brandon Lee Tesecum brings the number of murders in Corozal to five over the last few weeks.