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Five Murders in Eleven Days so Far in 2022

Eleven days into the new year and Police are investigating five murders. Police Commissioner explained the circumstances surrounding the deaths of these five persons. Commissioner Chester Williams says majority has to do with gang revenge.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “ If you look at the type of murders we have had it’s not like those we have seen in the past. We have a double murder in Maskall Road which again is an isolated area, a certain area the police is policing frequently or patrolling frequently. And then we had the murder this morning where a father and a son, where the son who claims that he had been abused for years by his father and I guess he had enough and took his father’s life this morning. And then we had the one in Dangriga and then one in Belize City. Again the one in Belize city is a more retaliatory shooting and it goes back to the whole issue of having these gang members who believe that a person or certain persons may have done something to them and when the police investigate they stay mute to the police and as soon as they have the chance to take matters into their own hands they avenge whatever had happened to them so it’s more of a revenge type shooting in respect to the one of Mr Lopez.”