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Five Paintings handed over to National AIDS Commission

Last Friday Belize joined the world in commemorating World AIDS Day. As part of the event, five artists created a painting depicting the theme, “Right to health”. This morning artists Uriel Cowo and Kenesha Gooding handed over their paintings to Arthur Usher of the National AIDS Commission. According to Usher, the paintings will then be handed over to partner agencies.

Arthur Usher of the National AIDS Commission

“This is a finalization of the World Aids Day event we had last week Friday. Basically, we had invited five outstanding artists to give their portrayal and their interpretation of HIV within Belize along the lines of the theme The Right to Help. So basically, the artists finished the work on Friday but we felt in order to give them and give the artwork itself some kind of reflection and some kind of meaning we had to do something special for them.”

Uriel Cowo – Artist

“With my particular painting, I took the four demographics that I believe are in Belize; the rich, the young, the old, the poor. So I took those four and like made them into different pots so these pots are growing and they’re in the shape of the human; the demographic the rich, the poor. So, each of their pots are decorated differently corresponding to how their class is. So it just goes to show now that health is available throughout all of us; from you’re young to your old even if you’re rich or if you’re poor. So, with that, all of us have the right to health so health is available to all of us and you can always seek out treatment if you have been diagnosed with HIV and Aids.”

Kenesha Gooding – Artist

“What I was focusing on is that quote that says AIDS has no face and we are trying to give awareness that everyone deserves medical attention, medical care so if you look at my painting there is no face there is no detail to that because every single person regardless if you have HIV or not deserve some form of medical health care.”

The five agencies to receive a painting are UNDP, Special Envoy for Women and Children, Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry, UNICEF and Digicell.