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Five persons charged for drug offences

Benque Viejo Police arrested and charged five persons for drug offences.  They are 41 year old Fredrick Avila, 34 year old Synthia Naj, 46 year old Sergio Cuellar, 26 Reginaldo Morales and 46 year old Judith Torres. According to Benque Police early this morning the anti drug unit along with Quick Response team search the residence of Avila on the corner of Church a Victoria Street. There they found 16 foil balls which contained, in total, 43 grams of weed. In the yard, 46 addition foil balls containing weed was found and five parcel of weed totaling more than a thousand grams of weed as well. In the upper flat of the house, where Cuellar resides with Torres, police found 907 grams of weed. All five persons were charged for Possession of Controlled Drugs