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Five years later and Police in Caye Caulker will get their refurbished barracks

Police Commissioner Chester Williams announced yesterday that the officers based on Caye Caulker will soon have the barracks completed.  According to the Commissioner the facility should be fully done by the end of the month.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police:I am happy to announce that the Caye Caulker barrack room that is under construction should be completed and handed over by the thirtieth of this month. So if it is that where they’re staying currently is in a deplorable state which I must agree to and that’s the reason why we had been pushing for the new barrack room to be constructed an completed, pretty soon by the end of this month those officers are going to be in a spanking brand new barrack room. So we’re looking forward to that.”

The police barracks in that village has come into question on multiple occasions as the money for the building was earmarked back in 2016 through a CABEI loan.  The announcement of its construction was announced by the former Minister of National Security, John Saldivar.  When Minister Elodio Aragon took over the ministry he too came with the promise to have the sleeping quarters completed for the officers.  In this instance, it is a case of wait and see.  Love News understands that the facility only has eight rooms.  Interestingly, there are currently 28 officers stationed on Caye Caulker.