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Flamboyant Street fire leaves father and son homeless

Forty three year old Joseph Gabourel and his seventeen year old son were left homeless yesterday after a fire destroyed all their belongings. It happened around 2:30 yesterday morning on Flamboyant Street in Belize City. Hipolito Novelo has the story.

A fire broke out at around 2:13 yesterday morning at a residence on Flamboyant Street, Belize City. Inside the house was 43 year old Joseph Gabourel.

Joseph Gaboural, Fire Victim: “I went to sleep at about 9. I got up at about 2:33AM when the fire started. The fire was burning me so I had to escape and get out of the house quick because the fire started so quick so I had to get out of the house fast.”

And as fast as he got out, he remembered that his son was also inside the burning structure.

Joseph Gabourel, Fire Victim: “Well he lives in the back room. By the time I knocked on the window there was no response so I went and knocked down his door and when I did that the fire blazed in my face and knocked me down and so I had to run from the house and the house ended up burning down.”

Station Manager at the National Fire Service says the fire was caused by an overheating fan.

Oren Smith, Station Manager, Nat’l Fire Service: “Investigations revealed that the fire originated in a room on the south west of the structure. The structure had no current from BEL at the time and they were being fed by a drop. The fire originated as a result of a fan that was perhaps left on and overheated.”

The house and its contents destroyed are valued at thirty thousand dollars, however the items and the building were not insured. Reporting for Love News, I am Hipolito Novelo.

While Gabourel lost everything, 43 year old Leticia Pop managed to save her house on Antelope Street Extension from being destroyed by fire early yesterday morning. She was awakened by the smell of smoke and when she made checks she noticed that part of her house was on fire. She quickly extinguished the flames, preventing the fire from spreading.