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Flash Floods Inundate Bullet Tree Roads

Over the weekend, residents of San Ignacio and Bullet Tree Village were greatly affected by flooding. The National Emergency Management Organization NEMO responded swiftly and Minister Edmund Castro and Cayo North Area Representative Omar Figueroa visited the affected families.


And so we had a lot of water going through streets and yards and houses in San Ignacio and Bullet Tree and of course creating a lot of damage. Water became held back in a lot of areas so you had these huge pools of water and people of course had to deal with it. It did not last for very long, the rains itself lasted for approximately two hours and the water took another few hours before they eventually subsided. Today we had the honor of a visit from my colleague Honorable Edmund Castro who is the Minister with responsibility for NEMO. So he came here today and we had the opportunity to tour the affected areas in San Ignacio and Bullet Tree and try to come up with a plan of action on how to deal with it and the folks that were affected.”


It rained heavily for a period of about two hours in a portion of San Ignacio and  portion of Bullet Tree and it really created havoc for us in that particular area. While in Santa Elena which is two or three miles down the road there was sunshine so there is no way we could prepare for this type of freak event but nevertheless we are here with the mayor, we are here with the area representative and my colleague who is the Minister for Works to see how we can open up some of the drainage systems in this part of the municipality so that we can in the event that magnitude of water coming down the hill we will be able to channel that water in an appropriate way so that it can get back to the river. If you noticed we met several of the families affected by this flood in this area and also we are trying to see how we can best assist those families.”

Castro and Figueroa were accompanied by NEMO Regional Coordinator for the Belize and Cayo Districts.