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Flood waters drag vehicle off the road; driver survives

A 70-year-old, American tourist made it out alive this weekend after his vehicle was dragged off the road by flood waters in western Belize. Jack Turner was driving his vehicle on the Buena Vista/Spanish Lookout Road when he was forced off the road as he attempted to cross a flooded area. Eyewitness Marvin Esquivel spoke with Love News.

Melvin Esquivel Eye witness: “There was vehicle deep in the water.”

Fem Cruz: Which area?

Melvin Esquivel Eye witness:In the Buena Vista area, apparently he was an American guy 70 years old, his name is Jack Turner More. He lives in the Buena Vista area and it looks like he was exiting Buena Vista heading to the direction of Spanish Lookout when he was crossing a culvert and the culvert was over flooded with all the rain and he was driving over the culvert and the water was so high that it just pulled his car to the side and his car fell into the culvert and it just tossed him a 100ft off the road and at the same time the car was going into the water, he jumped out of the vehicle and he managed to escape and got out, he got some minor bruises and some cuts because there was bamboo and bob wire around and the Police immediately came and took him to the Spanish Lookout Clinic.”

Police say Turner was taken out of the water in an unconscious state. After he was pull out of the water, searches continued for other persons who may have been with him. After speaking with Turner, police later confirmed he was traveling alone.