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Flooding in the West and North

Several areas around the country have become inundated with water over the last few days.  Road infrastructure in the west has caused delay in traffic and in some instances, roads have been blocked.  The rivers have spilled over and many homes have taken in water forcing the residents to seek higher ground.  In Belmopan the J & W area has seen significant inconveniences due to flooded yards and streets.  Cayo Correspondent Fem Cruz spoke with the Area Representative Oscar Mira on what is being done.

Yesterday we were informed that a portion of the road leading from Bullet Tree to Santa Familia was washed away.  Also, in San Ignacio Town, the area between Kontiki Boulevard and Shawville will be closed to vehicular traffic as a portion of the road had eroded.  Access to the Spanish Lookout community is reportedly only accessible through Farmer’s Road via the Valley of Peace Road. In Belize City several streets and roads have been submerged especially in the Belama Phases three and four.  In the north some of the villages in the Corozal District have also experienced rising waters.  According to the Area Representative for Corozal North, Hugo Patt he has been in the area over the last two days assisting where he can.

Hugo Patt, Corozal North Area Representative: “We have had some serious rain over the past few days and yesterday in the morning we had a very serious storm one that actually caused a lot of flooding in a number of areas. For instance in the area of Chula Vista I think that is the area that was most affected. Chula Vista has always been known to be a flood prone area. We managed to get the culverts cleaned and so right now the waters have been receding I think we have about six or seven families whose houses were under water and so as we speak the rains are still continuing so we’re just watching on those. We have an area as well in the stretch of Corozal Town to Consejo I think at this time only vehicles with high clearance can make it through the road. Really that flood has been seeing it’s way through that stretch of road and we have had a number of houses being affected in the areas of San Andres and Xaibe, you might have one or two in other areas but as we speak we’re just waiting on the rains hopefully to recede for us to get a clear analysis of who all have been affected.”