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Floods affect Cayo South

The steady rainfall is having an impact in several areas and today our Western correspondent Fem Cruz spoke with some of those affected in Cayo South.

The rains continued here in the Cayo South for the last eight hours, as a result a number of families are affected. Love news spoke to one of the family members affected by the flood here in Arizona.

Voice 1: We’ve been getting so much rain and the water height has been about a foot and a half in my yard. Many kids have been affected in this area because of the water that has been passing through and I would like to send out a message to the chairman to try to get something done in this area for the drainage system so that we can be less affected by this water and this rain.

Voice 2: We never experienced this kind of water like now so we are asking the help from government, the chairman to see if they can at least do some drainage back here. First of all I think they need to find out where the water is coming from and then try to do a drainage to divert the water,. Then you have some people who live in the low lying area and that is what messes up a lot of the people  and they have to come out of their house.

Fem: Did you ever see something like this yet?

From the time I lived back here, I never experience it until now for the second time.

Voice 3: I just need help because water gets into the church. I am a Pastor from the church and water goes in there so we need a little mattress or the bed, little things. Everything is wet up from so much rains.

Voice 4: This is the worst I have ever seen; this rain that we got and the flood that we got in my yard. The water goes all across the street; the culverts can’t take the water. In all my life I have never seen so much water yet.

Voice 5: This is the worst we have seen the rain. So far the street has been very flooded. I think we need bigger culverts. Water flood the yard and in the house.

Voice 6: This is the worst I have ever seen the rain here. The water got into my room. I really need for them to change the culvert, bigger drainage here because water still comes into in the yard and the whole area flooded out due to the stoppage of water because the water has no way to flow out.