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Floods affect various areas of the Cayo District

Going even further west, our Cayo Correspondent Fem Cruz went to find out how the residents were being impacted.  Here is his report.

Going even further west, our Cayo Correspondent Fem Cruz went to find out how the residents were being impacted.  Here is his report.

Fem Cruz, Cayo Correspondent: The flooding situation here in the Cayo district continues to affect a large amount of families. Love News also understands that the heavy downpour last night is responsible for damages on the George Price Highway. Love News visited the villages of St.Matthews, Franks Eddy, Cotton Tree and a part of Belmopan where we spoke to several families that were affected by this heavy downpour.

Juan Martinez, Villager, St.Mathew’s Village: “My name is Juan Martinez from St.Matthew’s Village. Like you see here we’re experiencing some flooding the water is high, the water is raising. The family and relatives here are living about eleven persons in the house. Like you could see they need assistance up to now they haven’t eaten anything, they couldn’t take a shower because all is under water. You could see we have to put stuff up that can’t get wet, the stove, the fridge, mattress everything we have to put up so they can’t get wet. Up to now the water is rising, this morning when I reached here the water was not inside the house you can see now the water is high inside the house. Well if anybody wants to assist this family with anything you can call at 668-4170.”

Raymond Tesecum, Villager: “My name is Raymond Tesecum. From last night it started raining and it’s the first time I’ve experienced a rain like this because water came up and everything for me got destroyed, my bed is wet up, everything is wet up; stove, all my groceries. From the first flood came last month I’m waiting for help and I still haven’t gotten help yet but I really hope the people that are in charge of this village come to help everybody that is in the village right now.”

Villager: “The people in the area ask if they could please come dig this drain more on the road because a lot of dirt stays there and the water comes back in near his house so if they could please come and dig there.”

Fem Cruz, Cayo Correspondent: So when it rains all the time here is flooded? 

Villager:  “All the time when it rains here floods, it fills up close to his house and there are some things there as he’s a mechanic and all the chickens and all of that are under water here in Cotton Tree.”

Villager:  “I’m from Maya Mopan area. My house is underwater because there is no way for the water to come up so I’m asking for help. If you look at the neighbors they’re asking for help you can see how the place looks and I would want some help out here because the people are suffering back here especially my neighbor. I don’t know what to do I need a drain or something.”

Fem Cruz, Cayo Correspondent: This area is Maya Mopan ?

Villager: “Maya Mopan area yes.”

Villager:  “I would like to ask for a drain because we have been asking this for so many years and they don’t appreciate, they don’t give us an attention.”

Fem Cruz, Cayo Correspondent: What is this area called ?

Villager:  “Matura Street they call it. Maya Mopan.”

Fem Cruz, Cayo Correspondent: So you want something to be done?

Villager: “Yes we need a drain.” 

Fem Cruz, Cayo Correspondent: So last night you slept in water? 

Villager: “Yes. The other house got full of water.”