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Florencio Marin, Jr. talks fish and impact of new regs

Minister Marin is also the area representative of Corozal Southeast, a constituency which includes the fishing community of Sarteneja. As we reported, fishers from that village and other coastal communities of Corozal have raised concerns about the fishing regulations that takes effect in July. We asked Marin for his perspectives on the legislation. 

Florencio Marin Jr., Rep. Corozal South East: “I have committed to the fishermen over the course of this year to consult with them. Consult with them individually, as groups, by association, to get a full grasp of the issues that they are facing. These issues didn’t just arrive lately. These are long standing issues so my hope is to hit the ground and talk to them one on one and have a frank discussion with each one of them for us to be able to come to some way that I can then speak with the minister and tell them, well I mean this is what’s happening by the sets of policy. It was clearly an operative shine to see how they could turn this process into what it is not. You know and I mean, if you notice, they picked up the issue just before the Village Council Elections and have you seen them acting out at this moment in time? They’re not. So from their perspective, they took a very serious issue and tried to insert politics into it. Again the same thing with the peacock, you know, they’re just trying to distract you.”